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Wild Earth works hard to make sure our programs are accessible to all. As our financial aid funds are limited, we try to ensure that funds are available to as many people as possible. We ask families to do the following:

1) Consider if there are family members or friends who might help provide a scholarship to your family for this program.

2) Determine how much of the total program fee you will be able to commit to pay over the course of the program. We are happy to set up a monthly payment plan that helps spread the program fees.

Once you contact us with the answers to these questions, we will do our best to offer you assistance that will allow you to register. Click here to submit a request for financial aid.

Sundays from 10am-12pm

Upcoming Meetings:

September 27

Natural Dyes Plant Walk with Dustin

October 11

Bird Language Basics with Dustin

October 18

Natural Shelter Building with Esperanza

November 1

The Art of Tracking with Dustin

November 8

Leafless Tree ID with Nick Martin

December 13

Dogbane Harvest & Natural Rope with Tyler

Stay tuned for Spring dates!


All club meetings begin at the Park and Ride on North Chestnut/32 N in New Paltz unless otherwise noted.


Suggested donation of $15, nobody will be turned away for lack of funds.


Learn more via our Facebook group Contact for additional information.

Wilderness Club

All club meetings begin at the Park and Ride on North Chestnut/32 N in New Paltz unless otherwise noted.

Open to adults and families! All experience levels welcome!

Dates and additional info available on our Facebook group.

The Wilderness Club is a place for adults and families to learn about tracking, wild edibles, bird language and more. Take a break from busy life, grab a fresh breath of nature, get inspired about connecting with the beautiful natural world that surrounds us.

See you in the woods!

“When we track, we pick up a string. At the far end of that string a being is moving, existing, still connected to the track that we gaze upon. The animal’s movement is still contained in that track, along with the smallest of external and internal details. As we follow these tracks, we begin to become the very animal we track. Our awareness expands from the animal we have become to the landscape it reacted to and is played by. We feel the influence of all things that surround us and our awareness expands from our consciousness to the mind of the animal and finally to the very cosmos. In tracking and awareness, then, there can never be a separation. One without the other is but half a story, and incomplete picture, thus an incomplete understanding. It is the track that connects us to that grand consciousness and expands us to limitless horizons.”
— The Science and Art of Tracking