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Lead & Co-Lead

The Lead or Co-Lead is required to be 18 years of age by start of camp unless you’ve served for two years as an Assistant Instructor at Wild Earth. Demonstrated ability to work with children and teens in a nature-based program. Current certification in Heart Saver CPR and American Red Cross Basic First Aid or equivalent.

The Lead or Co-Lead is responsible for overall vision, support, leadership, and safety of their group of 10-14 children; guiding the Assistants, Teen Instructors, and CIT’s growth with clear communication and regular feedback; communicating with parents and the Program Coordinator (PC); upholding the foundational values of Wild Earth; and, holding the children’s physical and emotional safety as paramount.

Leads and Co-Lead are expected to lead activities in their clan and in the big circle, while also encouraging their Assistants to take on appropriate challenges. Leads and Co-Leads committed to their personal growth can shine by tracking their challenges with clear communication, and seeking regular feedback.

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