Lead Instructor Requirements

Group Facilitation Skills:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Boundary setting
  • Vocabulary of team building activities and games
  • Charisma with children
  • Ability to foster a fun, safe learning environment

Outdoor Safety Skills:

  • Heart Saver CPR and American Red Cross Basic First Aid or equivalent
  • Navigation ability
  • Fire building in cold & rain
  • Shelter building with tarps

Wilderness Curriculum:

Ability to design and lead activities that teach some the following skills:

  • Natural rope making
  • Friction fire & fire building
  • Wild edibles and plant remedies
  • Natural shelter building
  • Plant identification
  • Bird language
  • Wildlife tracking
  • Spinning, weaving, basket making, and other natural fiber arts
  • Carving and wood craft
  • Making and using projectiles, such as: bows, slingshots, throwing sticks, atlatls

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