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CIT Application: Spring Break Camp 2022

At Wild Earth we value leadership diversity in our instructors. We also have a set of core routines, teaching tools, and mentoring skills that we encourage our instructors to utilize:

Core routines: Sit spot, story of the day, expanding our senses, questioning and tracking, animal forms, wandering, mapping, exploring field guides, journaling, survival living, mind's eye imagining, listening for bird language and thanksgiving.

Teaching tools: Utilizing the abundance of child passions, playing games, dancing, acting/performing, imitation, role modeling, the art of questioning (instead of answering), storytelling that awakens imagination, music making, crafting, blindfolded activities, creating leadership opportunities for children.

Mentoring Skills: Meeting others where they are on their journey, nurturing curiosity, passion and purpose, gifting enthusiasm and teaching with passion, practicing openness to all perspectives, cultures and spiritual backgrounds, acknowledging and honoring elder wisdom, listening with a beginner's mind, invisibly teaching, abstaining from testing and judgment, striving to practice patience, understanding and perseverance.

Previous Experience

Reference & Background

This reference can be a past employer, mentor, teacher or any other person who has supervised you that isn't a parent/guardian.

Please include: person's name | business name

Camp Details

Please carefully read through the following section:

Prep Date: April 10th or 11th*

Program Dates: April 11-14th with a weather make up date on April 15th *Please hold the weather make up date*

Time: 9am-4:30pm

Location: 175 Rock Haven Road, Kerhonkson NY

*Dates are subject to change depending on weather and updated COVID guidelines.


Counselor In Training (CIT)

CITs are required to be 14 years or older by start of camp. Eligible CITS must have previous experience in a Wild Earth camp or equivalent.
Being a CIT at Wild Earth requires responsibility, patience, being a team player, practicing good self care, being helpful in nature-based programs and readiness for a program focused on the campers.

Per Board of Health requirements, all CITs will be supervised as campers.

The CIT works in collaboration with the Lead or Co-Lead to support the overall vision, and safety of their group of 10-14 children. CITs are committed to their personal growth and to offering their gifts, skills and talents by leading activities in their group and in the big circle, by tracking their challenges with clear communication and seeking regular feedback.

If we have recently hired you in the position for which you are applying, you can skip this question. If you are a new applicant OR are applying for a new position, please fill it out.

Thank you for applying to work at Wild Earth's Spring Break Camp.

Wild Earth is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Job placement is made on the basis of qualifications. Wild Earth reserves the right to contact all current and former employers for reference information. If you are hired you may be asked for additional information that Wild Earth will use to run a background check.

By clicking below I affirm that I have answered truthfully and to the best of my ability. I understand that this is an application not an offer of employment.

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