Bird Language Workshop

Bird Language Workshop

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Friday Night Presentation:

7pm-9pm, April 12, 2019
at the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz, NY
$10 suggested donation

Saturday Workshop:

12pm-6pm, April 13, 2019
at Scenic Hudson’s Property in Kingston, NY
$80 for the afternoon workshop


Connor Stedman, Katie Grove and Wild Earth staff

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Bird Language Workshop

Have you ever noticed the birds singing, chirping, or swishing their tails back and forth and wondered what’s the meaning behind their sounds and behaviors?

We will explore this question and many others Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13 with Wild Earth’s Bird Language Class. In the most simple terms, bird language is the art of interpreting the voices and behaviors of the birds.

Bird language is the communication network of the forest, long understood by trackers and scouts from around the world. It offers a unique window into ecology, animal behavior, and the relationship between people and nature.

This class begins with a free introductory talk at Mountain Laurel School from 7pm to 9pm on Friday, April 12. If you’re planning to attend Saturday’s workshop, you are strongly encouraged to also attend the Friday night lecture to become familiar with the concepts that will support your field work during Saturday’s program.

Friday Night Presentation, April 12, 2019 – 7pm-9pm
Do you know what that bird is saying?

Join Wild Earth’s Connor Stedman and Dustin Lamberta for an evening presentation which will introduce the core patterns of bird language through images, sound, and storytelling.

Saturday Workshop, April 13, 2019 – 12pm-6pm
What is that bird teaching you?

This outdoor, experiential workshop offers an opportunity to observe and learn bird language first hand in the field.

The workshop will include:

  • Observation and identification of local birds
  • The “5 Voices” of bird language and their meanings
  • Shapes of alarm and bird language “signatures”
  • Skills of stealth and invisibility, with the birds as our teachers
  • Steps and tools for further learning!

The bulk of our course will take place at Scenic Hudson’s Kukuk Lane property in Kingston, NY.

What you will need: You will need to bring a notebook and pens for recording data. You should dress in layers and bring waterproof gear, April can often be cold and wet. You will be sitting in a field for about an hour, we highly recommend bringing a pad or blanket to sit on. Also bring a water bottle and snack for the day.

Use of the Kukuk Lane site for this event has been provided by Scenic Hudson. The leading environmental organization focused on the Hudson River Valley, it is dedicated to creating environmentally healthy communities, championing smart economic growth, protecting working farms, opening up riverfronts to the public and preserving the valley’s beauty and natural resources. Since its founding in 1963, Scenic Hudson has permanently protected over 30,000 acres of irreplaceable landscapes and created or enhanced more than 60 parks preserves and historic sites up and down the Hudson River.

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