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Bird Language Workshop

Interested in Bird Language Workshop?

Due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place guidance, this program has been cancelled.


Evening Presentation

Friday April 17, 2020 – 7-9pm

Field-based Program

Saturday, April 18, 2020 – 9am-3pm



Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, 16 S. Chestnut St, New Paltz, NY


102 Kukuk Lane, Kingston, New York 12401, is an approximation for where the program is held. The location will be marked with a Wild Earth sign.


Kristi Dranginis & Connor Stedman


Friday – $10 Suggested Program Fee (Accessible Pricing Available)

Saturday – $95.00

Additional Questions?

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(845) 256-9830

Bird Language Workshop

Have you ever noticed the birds singing, chirping, or swishing their tails back and forth and wondered what’s the meaning behind their sounds and behaviors?

What is that bird teaching you? This outdoor, experiential workshop offers an opportunity to observe and learn bird language first hand in the field.

The workshop will include:

  • Observation and identification of local birds
  • The “5 Voices” of bird language and their meanings
  • Shapes of alarm and bird language “signatures”
  • Skills of stealth and invisibility, with the birds as our teachers
  • Steps and tools for further learning!

The bulk of our course will take place at Kukuk Lane in Kingston from 9 am to 3 pm. It is important that folks show up at 8:45 am sharp so that we can begin our morning bird sit. Please allow yourself extra time in the morning if needed.

What you will need: You will need to bring a notebook and pens for recording data. You should dress in layers and bring waterproof gear, April mornings can often be cold and wet. You will be sitting in a field for about an hour, we highly recommend bringing a pad or blanket to sit on. Also bring a water bottle and snack for the morning.


About Kristi Dranginis & Connor Stedman


Kristi Dranginis is the founder of Bird Mentor, a resource for live and online courses helping people worldwide build confidence learning about birds and the natural world. Through her courses, students are immersed in the principles of instinctive birding, deep nature connection, bird language, and her innovative model for advanced bird identification.

In addition to her online courses she teaches birding at traditional skills events like Rabbit Stick, Winter Count, Saskatoon Circle, Buckeye, Sharpening Stone and for amazing organizations like the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, The Women’s Wilderness Institute, Crow Canyon Archeological Center, The Vermont Wilderness School, Flanders Nature Center, Eight Shields and The Powerhouse Science Center.

A few years ago she helped to found the Dipper Project, a research study designed to look at the effects of the Gold King Mine spill on avian life in the Animas River in Colorado. She’s also leads tours for the Bosque del Apache Sandhill Crane Festival, Mesa Verde Bird Festival, the Durango Bird Club and The White Memorial Conservation Center.
During a real bird nerd phase, she helped to band birds on Great Gull Island, focusing on the Roseate & Common Terns, as well as migratory birds at Oxbow Preserve and hummingbirds at Mesa Verde National Park.
In addition to geeking out about birds, she’s also a naturalist, herbalist, and photographer and made contributions to the new Peterson’s Field Guide to Bird Nests and ABA’s Birder’s Guide.
Connor Stedman has mentored students of all ages in nature connection since 2004 and teaches on knowledge of place and land stewardship around North America.  As an ecological designer, Connor specializes in agroforestry and carbon sequestration on farms. He offers consulting and design for regenerative agriculture systems at AppleSeed Permaculture.  Connor lives in Hatfield, MA and travels frequently around the Northeast.

Connor co-organized the internationally acclaimed Carbon Farming Course; has served on leadership teams for Art of Mentoring workshops in Vermont, California, Idaho, Texas, North Carolina, Ontario, and the British Isles; and is a graduate of both the Wilderness Awareness Residential Program and the Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness program. Connor holds an M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont’s Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning program and a B.S. in Eco-Social Design from Gaia University International.




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