Volunteer: Give and get more than you imagined.

Our organization is looking for dynamic volunteers to uplift our fundraising efforts, leverage community support, plan activities and help our great cause! Please submit your application through the form below. Answering the following questions will help us match your volunteer application with a suitable volunteer role.

Want to volunteer as an instructor in the field?

1) Complete the instructor application below.

2) Attend a Wild Earth adult program.

You’ll get a taste of Wild Earth and we’ll have a chance to meet you outdoors where our work takes place. Check out the Wild Earth Wilderness Club or one of our other adult programs. Wild Earth is committed to being accessible to all. We have financial aid if you can not afford one of our programs.

2) Request an Interview.

Once you’ve visited Wilderness Club and determined that you’re still interested in volunteering, request an interview with one of our directors in our New Paltz office.