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Jobs at Wild Earth

We’re glad you’re interested in joining our team of creative and dynamic leaders. Among the greatest reasons participants love being at Wild Earth is the opportunity to spend time with our incredible leaders. Below is an outline of what we’re looking for as well as what you can expect as an applicant.

Position Openings:

Wild Earth is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Job placement is made on the basis of qualifications. Equal employment opportunity and having a diverse staff are fundamental principles at Wild Earth, where employment and promotional opportunities are based upon individual capabilities and qualifications without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status or any other protected characteristic as established under law.

General Program Leader Positions : Apply Now

Applications will be accepted for General Program Leader positions on a rolling basis.

What we look for in Wild Earth’s future leaders:

Voracious Learner

With such a dynamic work environment, every position at Wild Earth has unending opportunities for personal and professional development. Our leaders strive for constant learning and are hungry to broaden and deepen their skillsets. We love to nerd out about which warblers you’ve heard this spring, whether that coyote trail is a lope or a gallop, and what you learned about the patterns that drive human behavior on this week’s ‘The Hidden Brain’ podcast with Shankar Vedantam.

Engaging Warmth

At Wild Earth we meet people where they are at. We come from all different backgrounds and places, and cannot understate the importance of seeing each person with new eyes and connecting from a place of genuine curiosity and respect. With youth especially, our works asks us to drop our own agendas to nourish our students’ unfolding power, ushering each child at their own pace from their place of comfort towards their passion and unique voice. The capacity for developing these caring, authentic connections and treating every person with respect is essential to our work.

Calm Adaptability

Our work is always developing and unfolding, and change is its greatest constant. A successful leader at Wild Earth is able to nimbly tack with the shifting winds, pausing to reassess what is needed in each new set of circumstances, and jumping back into action with humility and confidence. This cycle of pausing, seeing, thinking and acting, allows us to see opportunities for connection, growth and depth, and to meet each moment with creativity.

Nature Connection

Wild Earthers love nature. Whether you live in the city and just learned a deciduous tree from an evergreen, or are reading this while tending a friction-lit fire, garbed in homemade buckskin and eating wild blueberries from your ash pack basket, you’ll need a heartfelt connection to the earth and an insatiable curiosity to match.

Integrity & Accountability

At Wild Earth we are committed to providing one another with kind, direct, actionable feedback that helps us all to become more effective leaders and team players. Across all of our interactions we strive to embody the very character qualities that our programs seek to instill in participants. We understand that the world responds to who we are and how we move through it, not abstracted beliefs that we stand for.

Character Attributes We Cultivate At Wild Earth:

Gratitude & Humility

Awareness & Empathy

Honesty & Integrity

Quiet Mind & Self Control

Curiosity, Passion & Purpose

Optimism & Vitality

Confidence, Courage & Agency

Service & Leadership

Grit & Resilience

Sense of Belonging

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