Counselor In Training (CIT)

Wild Earth’s Counselor In Training program is for teens who are ready for a summer of serving others and growing into their leadership skills.

For teens looking for a Wild Earth summer focused on honing their skills, connecting with peers, and having a blast, we recommend our 4-week Ropes: Wilderness Summer Camp for Teens.

Before starting as a CIT at Wild Earth, we strongly encourage 2-years of participation at Ropes: Wilderness Camp for Teens. Those who have completed two-years of Ropes Summer Camp are exempt from completing requirements 2 & 3 of the first year CIT requirements.

Age: 14 years or older by start of camp.
Experience: Previous experience in a Wild Earth Camp or equivalent.
Qualities: Counselors In Training (CITs) at Wild Earth’s summer camp focus on serving others and growing their leadership skills. CITs are expected to demonstrate patience, responsibility, teamwork, self-care and readiness to focus on campers, the land, and the program ahead.

All CITs must attend the following:

Mandatory Summer Camp Staff Orientation: Sat, June 23: 9am-5pm

All Summer Camp staff are required to attend a one-day staff training from 9am-5pm on Sat, June 23, 2018.

Mandatory CIT Kick-Off: Sat, June 16: 4pm-9pm

This evening will be filled with skills, games, conversations and expansive experiences guided by caring mentors. This is a chance for CITs to come together as a crew of young leaders before summer camp begins.

Earlier in the day Wild Earth instructors will be meeting up for a hands-on skill building training called Secret Camp. CITs are invited to join Secret Camp, but not obligated.

CITs receive the following perks:

Weekly CIT Check-Ins:

Each week you will meet one-on-one with your camp’s Program Director to check-in. This is an opportunity to discuss your growth goals, receive feedback, and to gain one-on-one support as you navigate the responsibilities and culture of Wild Earth camp. We want to make everyone’s camp experience the most it can possibly be! These check-ins will take place at camp and may require you to stay an extra 15-20 minutes after the camp day has ended.

End-of-Session Debrief Meetings:

At the end of each of your camp sessions, you will have a debrief meeting with your camp’s Program Director to reflect on your experience, receive feedback, and to celebrate completing that camp’s CIT experience. At Wild Earth, we deeply value debriefing our program experiences. We believe ample opportunities for reflection and integration lead to growth.

Secret Camp: Skill Building Day: Sat, June 16

Did you know Wild Earth instructors have a secret camp that meets before we start our youth programs? Secret Camp is a one-day program where Wild Earth summer camp instructors are presented with experiential choice-based skills, games, songs, stories and opportunities for connection before camp starts.

Application Requirements for First-Year CITs:

1. Volunteer* at (at least) one Wild Earth program during the school year to demonstrate:

  • Self Care: Show up rested, prepared, and ready for the day.
  • Role Modeling: Remain aware that younger children are following the example that you set.
  • Facilitation: Lead a game, song, or skill while you are volunteering at a program.

Please contact Michaela, our volunteer coordinator, via, about the programs you are interested in volunteering for and on what program dates you are available/interested.

2. Complete at least two of the following to demonstrate:

3. Complete at least one of the following and bring it with you to your interview to demonstrate:

  • Finish a coal-burned spoon.
  • Take a picture of a figure 4 trap you’ve carved and set.
  • Make a bow-drill fire on your own kit.
  • Finish a net bag for your water bottle.
  • Make as much cordage as you are tall (no raffia/hemp).

If the above options are not a fit for you, make something you are interested in learning more about or something you already have a passion for. For example: moccasins, medicine pouch, paracord belt, pine needle basket, leather knife sheath, scarf with naturally dyed wool, digging stick, herbal salve, piece of clothing etc.

*Those attending Atlatl Boys or Artemis Moon Girls will fulfill the volunteer requirement within the program. Additional volunteering is not required.

Application Requirements for Second & Third Year CITs:

Returning CITs do not have to fulfill the first-year CIT requirements, but are required to schedule a meeting with our Program Director to discuss how you would like to build on your experience from a previous summer. After you have submitted your CIT job application, please be in touch with Michaela to schedule this meeting for March or April.

Returning CITs are required to volunteer in a Wild Earth youth program during the school year. CITs that are participating in our Ropes Wilderness Program for Teens are exempt from this requirement.

To schedule your volunteering, please review our program offerings and email with the programs & dates which would work best for you.

Many skilled and experienced 14 & 15 year olds join us unpaid CITs at summer camp and throughout the year. For 15 year olds, volunteering is the best way to stay involved in Wild Earth.

Each summer, we are able to provide a few paid CIT roles. These positions are awarded to returning CITs who have demonstrated excellence prior to summer camp.

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