MovNat: Natural Movement Outdoor Fitness Class

MovNat: Natural Movement Outdoor Fitness Class

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Sat, Oct 14, 2017



Bring your training gear (shorts, T-shirt, minimal shoes) for indoors and outdoors. As well as snacks, fluids, and lunch.

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MovNat: Natural Movement Outdoor Fitness Class

Reclaim authentic human movement.

Grow closer to nature by learning to move effectively and efficiently through it with the practice of Natural Movement®. Make more time for being in Nature by taking your fitness practice outdoors. Gain physical fitness and have fun while finding creative ways to play in the natural environment.

Join Dr Christa Whiteman of EVOLVE Movement & Wellness for a one-day immersion into MovNat®- a fitness and physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills.

About Dr. Christa Whiteman

Dr. Christa is a chiropractor, kinesiologist and MovNat® Certified Trainer in Stone Ridge, NY. She became passionate about teaching Natural Movement® skills through the MovNat® system as a way of helping her patients learn to move their bodies better to prevent the pain and immobility that brought them into her office in the first place. A long time rock climber, trail runner and hiker, she aims to be outdoors whenever possible.