Wildlife Tracking with George Leoniak

Wildlife Tracking with George Leoniak

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Friday PM, Feb 15

Marbletown Community Center
3564 Main St, Stone Ridge, NY 12484

Saturday, Feb 16

Granite Road
Accord, NY


George Leoniak

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Wildlife Tracking with George Leoniak

Join us for a day of adventure and mystery by following animal tracks and trails through fields, forests, and wetlands.

We will learn about the behavior of the local mammals in the area by learning about the tracks and signs they leave to understand how they interact with their environment. We’ll learn to interpret the track patterns and gaits they leave, so we can learn to visualize how these animals move through various terrains. We’ll also learn about the morphology (structure) of different species’ feet, and how that structure dictates the footprints animals leave behind.

The wild animals will become our teachers for the day and as a group we will encounter many mysteries to explore. We’ll have opportunities to share individual insights about what we encounter and learn about our own process of connecting to the world around us. Participants will leave with a clear process for approaching track identification and interpretation. All the fundamental tools of learning the art of animal tracking will be packed in to this one day and with them you’ll have the resources to learn more.

Mindful Tracking: Exploring the Inner and Outer Landscapes

Observing the natural world carefully and attentively, noticing what you might not have seen otherwise, can prompt you to ask questions about your own place in the world. Those questions lead you inward, following “tracks” through your inner landscape, where ultimately you see that distinctions between the inner and outer landscapes begin to dissolve. Join George, founder of the Mindful Tracker School, and discover how looking for tracks and signs is a great way to hone your powers of observation and develop intimacy with your environment — and with yourself. This presentation will open your eyes to a perspective that the natural world presents a mirror to discover the hidden places of your mind and spirit.

Join us Friday, February 15, at 7pm for a 1.5 hour presentation on Mindful Tracking


Participants in the Saturday workshop and the general public are invited to the presentation.

7pm at the Marbletown Community Center, 3564 Main St, Stone Ridge, NY 12484

About George Leoniak

George LeoniakGeorge Leoniak, an internationally known and certified tracker for over two decades who has worked and partnered with the giants of tracking: Paul Rezendes, Mark Elbroch, Jon Young, Charles Worsham, and Tom Brown Jr. In addition, George holds multiple degrees in Biology and Psychology (BA) as well as Conservation Biology (MS).

His certifications include:
— Senior Tracker Certificate from Cybertracker Conservation
— Track and Sign Specialist Certificate (New England and Southern California)
— Trailing Specialist Certificate (Southern Vermont)
— Track and Sign Evaluator for Cybertracker Conservation (North America)