Build Your Own Canoe

Build Your Own Canoe

Interested in Build Your Own Canoe?

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Tuition Price
Learn + Own Your Boat $425
Learn* $75

*learn hands-on, but you won’t bring home a canoe from this workshop


Josh Finn’s woodworking shop in High Falls, NY

Space is limited to 8-12 partipants

This program is only open to 8-12 participants — in teams of two we will be making a total of 4 canoes.

Minimum age to be a participant is 12 years old.

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Build Your Own Canoe

Join master-craftsman Josh Finn for a two-day canoe making workshop in High Falls, NY.

Learn hands-on by building a 15 foot “Six-Hour Canoe”.

The emphasis will be on hands-on doing. Participants will learn skills and have hands-on experiences that can be applied to boatbuilding or other building projects. Many skills are transferable to furniture building or home repair.

You will be working in teams of 2-3 to make a total of 4 canoes.

Experience with woodworking and/or tool use is helpful, but not mandatory.

Minimum age to be a participant is 12 years old.