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What gear do I need?

When your child is well prepared, the whole group benefits.

Appropriate Footwear
In warm weather sturdy shoes are important. Flip flops and Crocks are unacceptable.

In cold weather insulated and waterproof shoes as well as wool socks will keep feet happy. Participants need to carry an extra pair of wool socks in their packs on a cold day.

Appropriate Layers
Please wear multiple layers in cold weather.
Wool or synthetic (polartec, capilene) fabric makes for a great base layer protects from moisture, sweat, cold rain, or melting snow.
Multiple outer layers are better than one bulky coat. Layers can be added and removed as body temperatures change.
Wool or synthetic hats and gloves are a must for cold weather.
Please avoid cotton clothing in cold and/or wet weather. Cotton loses its insulative properties when it gets wet.
Waterproof snow pants & winter coat is a must if snow is in the forecast.

You don’t need to spend much on gear for this program.

If you’re going to buy new things focus on non-cotton socks, long-underwear or a sleeping pad.  Sleeping bags can be layered to avoid the need for a really warm one (see sleeping bag note below.)  Salvation army has great, inexpensive warm clothing.  Use plastic plates, forks and spoons from babyhood for mess kits.  If you’re in need of gear it’s likely that another family can lend something to you.  Let us know what you’re missing. Email and we’ll help if we can.

Please be sure to reach out for support if you need assistance with acquiring gear.

If in doubt, ask us!  We have, on rare occasions, needed to call parents to ask for deliveries of items on the gear list because we really need each child to be warm and comfortable to have a safe and fun group experience.

If the weather forecast calls for rain: do not send your child with cotton clothing.

When cotton gets even a little wet, it sticks to the body and holds no air – meaning it provides ZERO insulation.  Please send synthetic materials or wool. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of this.

Children inevitably misplace gear and don’t always recognize that it’s theirs when we find it.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your child comes home with everything you sent.

1) Label Everything with your child’s first name and last initial (especially water bottles, backpacks, lunch containers and coats).
2) Leave extra valuable items at home (like electronic devices or great-grandpa’s knife)/

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