Summer Registration Information

Below is information about registration and our Summer Camps. For an overview of Summer Camp dates please visit our Summer Camp page.

In the past many of our camps have filled very quickly. Registration opens at noon on Feb 1.

Our camps are first-come-first serve and they may fill quickly. Please be prepared to register online at noon on February 1. Please have your camp choices and credit card ready.

$150 non-refundable deposits are required for every session you are enrolling in.

Non-refundable deposits must be paid for every session that each camper is enrolling in. We cannot hold your spot without a $150 non-refundable deposit per session per child. If you are on the wait-list a deposit will not be required until we are able to offer you a space at camp.

For example: a single camper enrolling in two sessions will require two $150 deposits ($300 in total). Two campers each enrolling in two sessions will require a four $150 deposits ($600 in total). Deposits are non-refundable. Canceled deposits cannot be applied toward other balances due.

Financial aid is available. Let us know you need aid in your registration.

Our financial aid philosophy is take what you need and give what you can. We recognize that there are economic hardships, and we want to be accessible to all, so we ask that you pay whatever it is that you can.

The more you can pay, the more children we are able to extend aid to. Before you request financial aid we ask families to consider if there are family members or friends who might help provide a scholarship to your family for this program.

How To Request Financial Aid

  1. Register online to reserve your space.
  2. Check the financial aid box on your registration form and let us know how much of the total program fee you can afford.
  3. If you are unable to pay a $150 deposit with your registration use the coupon code: NOCREDITCARD and contact our office to arrange deposit payment.
  4. After your registration is submitted, our office will contact you to continue the financial aid process. If we are unable to fulfill your aid request we will refund your deposit(s) in full.

Siblings are eligible for a 10% discount.

Additional members of the same household registering for any of our summer camps will receive a 10% discount off the regular program fee. In order to receive this discount siblings must be registered at the same time.

Your child must be of age before the start of the session.

My child’s age borders the age limits for two different camps. How do I choose?

The most important thing is that you do choose in advance. As we expect our camps to fully enroll on the first day of registration, changing your mind after registration may not be possible.

You know your child best. So, ask yourself, will my son/daughter do best as one of the oldest in the camp or one of the youngest? Which camp are their friends attending?

Please know that the older camps are located on more wild land. The experience will be a bit more rugged and adventurous than the younger-aged camps. If you want to speak with someone at Wild Earth about this decision, please call us well in advance of open registration. Our staff can be reached at (845) 256-9830.

What if I want my son/daughter to be with a friend?

Most all “packs” are grouped by age. If it is essential that your child is with (or not with) a friend please contact our office via email at

If you must cancel please provide at least 30 days notice.

Cancellations 30 days or more before the first day a program begins will receive a full refund less each session’s $150 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations from 7 days to 30 days prior to a program receive 50% program credit (non-transferable and valid for one year), 50% balance forfeited. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to a program will receive no credit and no refund.

Final payments and completed forms are due on June 1.

Failure to make payment on or before June 1 may result in forfeiting your enrollment. Payment plans are available based on need. All payments for camp must be made before your camp begins.

Additional Questions

What will happen after I register for camp?

You will receive an automated email confirming your enrollment at camp. In that confirmation email you will be asked to complete an Additional Required Information form. In May you will receive a complete camp package with: balance due, gear list, driving directions and additional camp information.

We have no way of telling your chances of getting into a camp from the wait list.

In the past many on the wait list have been offered a space at camp. These spaces typically open as we get closer to camp with most spaces opening within one month of camp beginning. We will ask for a deposit if and when we are able to offer you a space at camp.

Is it possible that Wild Earth will include more camps or more campers?

Unfortunately, Wild Earth will not be adding additional camps nor extending additional spaces at camps.

Over the years we’ve experimented with a few different methods to provide more spaces at camp. For now offering multiple 2-week sessions has worked the best. While we want to be able to include all who are interested we also want to ensure that each camper has ample opportunity for intimate connection with nature.

We dream of running an additional camp on another property… if you know of a possible location for another WE summer camp please let us know.

If I have children at different camps, will I be able to drop them off and pick them all up on time?

Yes, our camps are located in a large loop, and we have designed our arrival and departure times to ensure that drop off and pick up times are manageable for multi-camp families.

Does Wild Earth provide pre-camp or after-camp care?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide childcare before or after camp. Each morning before camp begins our entire staff is busy planning for the day and gearing up for camp, likewise after camp our staff meets to debrief the day at camp. All campers need to be dropped off at the beginning of camp and picked up at the closing time for camp each day. We suggest families work together to help each other with before-camp and after-camp care. In the weeks before summer camp begins we will send parents a list of other parents and their contact info. Our hope is that this will support you in arranging carpools as well as before/after camp play dates.

Does Wild Earth provide busing or arrange carpools to camp?

Yes! Wild Earth offers a bus from New Paltz to our Screech Owl & Kestrel camps on Rock Haven Road in Kerhonkson.

To support less driving, we will share enrolled family contact information in order to support you in self-arranging carpools (if you would like to do so).

Where can I learn more about all of the camps you’re offering?

Visit the Summer Camp page on our website at:

Early registration is available for families of year-round program participants, year-round volunteers, board members, staff and instructors.

Did a member of your household attend an ongoing Wild Earth program this past fall or winter? You may be eligible for early registration. Early registration is available in mid-to-late January. If you miss the early registration window you can register on February 1 at noon.

How do I become a Wild Earth instructor?

Wild Earth is an equal opportunity employer. Job placement is made on the basis of qualifications. Apply through our website on our Jobs page.

What’s the best thing about Wild Earth?

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