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Hand Tool Woodworking: Making a Slingshot

Interested in Hand Tool Woodworking: Making a Slingshot?

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$120 including all materials


9-14 year old boys and girls





2307 Lucas Turnpike
High Falls, NY 12440

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Hand Tool Woodworking: Making a Slingshot

Using locally sourced hardwoods, participants will experience the fulfilling process of shaping and smoothing wood into a useful and unique slingshot.

Who doesn’t love the sound of a rock hitting a tin can? For eons humans have used slingshots to have loads of fun. But how many of us have made a slingshot of our own? We will be working with material removal to shape a functional and ergonomic shape crafted to be a perfect fit for your hand. Tools will include rasps, hand saws, coping saws, spokeshaves and sand paper.

Students will gain confidence working with hand tools and crafting with wood. This workshop is designed to be a successful and inspirational encounter with the art of hand tool woodworking.

And of course, participants learn proper slingshot technique and etiquette, as well as safety.

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