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Ancestors, elders, parents, children, and more

Published January 9th, 2018

We want to take a moment to give thanks for all that makes Wild Earth possible. The experience children have in the woods is achievable only through the goodwill and effort of so many.

First off, we are thankful for our ancestors. We are grateful for all of the ingenuity and perseverance of those who lived before us. Were it not for them, we could not be here.

We are also thankful for our elders. You grey haired folks have walked this earth for years and decades beyond many and we are grateful for your experience and gained perspective. We are especially thankful to the elders who come and visit us and the children while we are out in the woods.

And we are thankful for our own parents and the parents of the children who entrust us with their precious young people. Acknowledging the challenges of parenting, we give thanks for the love, endurance and wisdom of parents and all who have taken responsibility for young people.

And where would Wild Earth be without the children? Kids, we are thankful for your exuberance, playfulness, and courage. You inspire us and teach us. Thank you for your curiosity, tenacity, and your willingness to participate in whatever Wild Earth’s instructors have cooked up for you.

We are also grateful for all of the adults who have given their years to make this work possible.

Instructors, thank you for all of the hours, days, months, and years you invest in studying and honing your craft. In your heartfelt care and passion, you uplift our children and you uplift all of us.

Volunteer board members, past and present, thank you! The time you give to Wild Earth makes dreams come true. Your forward thinking and caretaking makes it possible for every child to have profound experiences in nature. Thank you.

Paid staff and directors, your dedication, attention, and vision — at all times of day and the year — creates the foundation, the safety, and the high bar that defines our work. Your care — for our children, our instructors, our volunteers, and our donors — creates a spirit of connection, collaboration, and honoring.

And to our donors – you create the opportunities for elders, instructors, and children to come together in the outdoors for life-changing experiences. Your generosity funds the confidence building, the passion instilling, the service ethic, and the connecting that changes lives.

If you haven’t yet become a Wild Earth donor, we invite you to consider joining our donors and making a gift today. You are making it possible for every child to have transformative experiences in nature with Wild Earth.

We give thanks for the unique roles that each of us play. Together, we are changing lives.

Hope to see you in the woods!

— All of us at Wild Earth

Simon AbramsonSimon AbramsonSimon Abramson,

As a child Simon spent countless hours exploring the forest, streams and wetlands of his neighborhood in NJ. Simon has a B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont where he focused on the relationship between a healthy human psyche and a vibrant natural world. He has staffed and studied with various wilderness schools throughout the Northeast including the Institute for Natural Learning, White Pine Programs and the Vermont Wilderness School. When he’s not in the woods, Simon is designing and building websites and other internet solutions. More about Simon's work.

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