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Girls thrive when given the chance to test their limits

Published December 4th, 2017

What an amazing campout for the Artemis Moon Girls! All three of our girls groups — Red Squirrels, White Tailed Deer and Grey Wolves — spent the day setting up a super cozy camp with lots of love and care.

We spent the day feathering our nest: setting up tarps, gathering wood, building fires, cooking, playing games and feeling grateful to be together in the forest on such a beautiful fall day.

After setting up camp, we sang songs around the fire, enjoyed sit spot (quiet alone time sitting in the forest, soaking up the sunshine) and we bonded over an edgy and fun nighttime adventure.

The adventure was setup by the oldest group of girls (12-14 year olds) and our instructors. Blindfolded, the younger girls (9-12 year olds) tested their limits by following a string through the forest while being witnessed and supported by the older girls. All of the girls found their growth edges and, like true warriors, persevered through difficulty with gusto and a great sense of humor!

After the string walk, girls tried to out-stealth one another, sneaking into our central fire-pit while instructors and girls tended the fire and looked into the darkness to spot the approaching girls.

The night of games wrapped up with fire-side tea and s’mores as the oldest group of girls strode off into the darkness to send their own solo fires until late into the night.

It was an honor to spend time with your girls at the Artemis Moon overnight! It is a treat to be getting to know them and witnessing the strength, hard work, love and ease with which they approached spending one of the darkest nights of the year outside in the cold!

I look forward to coming back for a visit soon!

Sending you all lots of love and warmth,
Mary Jane (Guest Program Coordinator of Artemis Moon)

Mary Jane NusbaumMary Jane NusbaumMary Jane Nusbaum, Program Coordinator

As a child Mary Jane spent every season outdoors in Central NY skiing, swimming, hiking, canoeing, and every summer went back-woods camping in the Adirondacks with her ambitious parents and four siblings. Her two boys have grown up attending Wild Earth programs which has had a profound affect on who they are today. She piloted an art program for Wild Earth in 2013 which has blossomed into a full blown summer camp. Mary Jane is a visual artist and art teacher who has traveled extensively and has a love of world cultures, people and the natural world in which we live. More about Mary Jane's work.

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