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A Snow Leopard and Village Life at Mystwood!

Published March 7th, 2016


It was such a gift to spend another beautiful day in the wild woods of William’s Lake with your children!

Our day started with an adventurous tale woven by Levon, and a brilliant fire to keep us warm while eating our snacks and listening with wide open ears.
Shortly after, we made our way through the portal of Mystwood and decided to stay together as one village for our morning. Without skipping a beat, a village formed, with each child filling the role that called to them. Some made finely adorned grape vine wreaths for Lady Abividonna with thank you notes written on birch bark. Later, these same children ventured off using an ancient map left by the Queen to deliver these gifts to a far away tree rooted in a rocky finger of William’s Lake. Others, smashed acorns leaving food for our four legged friends, worked on getting our fire going, used their hands and coals from our fire to shape wood into bowls, and some were off exploring the different nooks of the land for hanging icicles and other mysteries along the way.

After lunch something changed in our village, our volunteer for the day, Felicia, was nowhere to be found. However, she left instructions on what she would need if she were to return. Fortunately the children took to these instructions, and the next thing we knew we were greeted by a Snow Leopard from a far away continent with incredible clown like tendencies! Our Snow Leopard put on a magic show for us, unlike any other magic show we had seen. Right before our very eyes we watched salt and corn kernels turn into popcorn, skipping the cooking stage altogether! We watched ripped and shredded paper coalesce into a magnificent hat, and we sat -eyes riveted- as one trick after the other was performed.  A few from our village even went up onto the Snow Leopard’s stage to perform their talents, some told riddles, and others told jokes before handing the show back to our guest and showering her with gratitude for such a fine display of magic!

And so, our day continued on with some carving around the fire and others playing games out on the land. How lucky are we!
Thank you so much for continuing to entrust us with your little ones, until the next time….be well.

The Mystwood Team,

Michaela, Clara,Thea, Levon, and Parker

Wild EarthWild EarthWild Earth, Staff & Board of Directors

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3 thoughts on “A Snow Leopard and Village Life at Mystwood!”

  1. David Brownstein says:

    Great story, Michaela. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Felicia Snow Bunny Leopard says:

    To my dear friends, I was so happy to be welcomed into your Mystwood adventure. So many wonderful things I think about: the songs, the icicles that were changing flavors as we licked them, the story by the fire, observing acorns being readied for the fairies that were soon to come, being present at the ceremony as children received their power animal medallions, seeing the beautiful dreamcatcher, helping to rescue a tree, learning and sharing songs, and the great privilege of performing a magic show with my new friends, running through the woods feeling like I was a deer playing tag games. Thank you all so much, Michaela, Clara, Thea, Levon, Katie, and Parker for being my mentors. I treasure this day I got to spend with you all.

  3. Katie says:

    Thanks, Michaela and Wild Earth for sharing this wonderful story from Mystwood with the world!

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