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Raven Camp

This event has already passed.
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Need Financial Aid? Click here.

Our financial aid philosophy is take what you need and give what you can. We recognize that there are economic hardships, and we want to be accessible to all, so we ask that you pay whatever it is that you can.

The more you can pay, the more children we are able to extend aid to. Before you request financial aid we ask families to consider if there are family members or friends who might help provide a scholarship to your family for this program.

How To Request Financial Aid

  1. Register online to reserve your space.
  2. Check the financial aid box on your registration form and let us know how much of the total program fee you can afford.
  3. If you are unable to pay a $150 deposit with your registration use the coupon code: NOCREDITCARD and contact our office to arrange deposit payment.
  4. After your registration is submitted, our office will contact you to continue the financial aid process. If we are unable to fulfill your aid request we will refund your deposit(s) in full.


Youth ages 10-14

One 2-Week Session:

Register for one 2-week session per child. This year we are limiting the amount of sessions individuals can enroll because of COVID restrictions. We want to make sure the experience is available to as many children as possible. Space is limited.

  • Session 1: June 28 – July 9, 2021
  • Session 2: July 12 – July 23, 2021


Staggered drop-off 9:00-9:30am, pickup 3:00-3:30pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri


$720 for the two-week session.
$150 non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit per child per session is required with registration. Sibling discounts apply. Limited financial aid available depending on enrollment and need (see registration form for details).


600 Clove Valley Road, High Falls, NY 12561

Additional Questions?

Drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions.
(845) 256-9830

Raven Camp

At Raven Camp our day begins with giving thanks. After a few songs and silly movement games to get us into our bodies, we’ll split up into packs for the day adventuring into the forest and stream, building forts in the leaves, learning wilderness skills, wandering the land, and working on service projects that beautify the land.

At the end of the day, with sticks in our hair, mud between our toes and smiles on our faces, we’ll return a large village-like circle where we share stories from our day.

At Raven Camp there are opportunities to:

  • Practice a variety of wilderness skills and native technology
  • Practice awareness and scout-like quiet-mind
  • Face personal and group challenges tailored to build self-confidence, group unity, and self-awareness
  • Build comfort and competency in the outdoors.
  • Explore curiosity, service, story-telling and gratitude

Raven Camp makes its home amidst 200 acres of some of the most spectacular and diverse land in the Hudson Valley. The land borders the Shawanghunk Ridge and Mohonk Preserve and features beautiful woodland, rock outcroppings and cliffs, with the Coxing Kill stream tumbling over waterfalls and rockslides.

Raven Camp Testimonials

“I think Wild Earth’s leaders and instructors, right through the ranks, are inspiring, engaging, kind and generous.”

“I was very happy with this program, and so was my son. The counselors were skilled, compassionate, and completely invested in helping the campers discover how awesome the wilderness can be.”

“I continue to be amazed by how my daughter grows at Wild Earth. Her knowledge of the outdoors grows, but also her confidence. And the bonds that she is making are incredible.”

“I like how skills are presented in the form of games. I like the enthusiasm and support from the counselors.”

“The support of the counselors was key. They quickly discerned what kinds of activities he was into and nurtured him along the way. In fact, he is so proud of the bow he made at camp that he takes it nearly everywhere.”

“My favorite part as a parent, but also as the carpooler for many kids, was picking them up and seeing them wet, dirty, and smiling and then singing camp songs the whole ride back if they didn’t pass out. Those are long lasting summer memories that they have.”

“Both of my kids learned more about fire and shelter building and made beautiful handicrafts.”

“Our son made new friends outside of his usual group and he learned new things about nature and wilderness skills.”

“Our daughter has grown a lot over this summer and is more comfortable with who she is, and feels very connected to others.”

“My child is now incredibly confident about being in the woods and very curious about what he finds there.”

“Our son worked really hard on his bow over the four weeks, and when he completed it, he gave it away. I was surprised and impressed by this action.”

“Wild Earth helped my child work on overcoming some social anxieties.”

“Every city kid in the US should do this. Most of the country kids, too.”

“It not only helps children develop specific skills but also because it teaches them how to *be* outside; this is something that will stick with them, long after camp is over.”

“It provides so much for our youth–leadership, fostering imagination, confidence building, fun, appreciation of nature, etc.”

“All the counselors were stellar.”

Register now and reserve your space in Raven Camp today. Space is limited.

— More About Wild Earth Summer Camp —

At Wild Earth our goal is to build skills for connection, awareness, and self-confidence. We work hard to ensure that our camps are welcoming, exciting, and nurturing. Since 2004, our all-outdoor camps have provided nature immersion and adventures for children of all ages.

Using multigenerational mentoring, our experienced and inspiring adult and teen instructors guide the children in engaging earth-based activities, awareness games, experiential knowledge of plants and animals, natural craft, and story and song.

Gratitude and reverence for the earth, as well as fostering a vision of community based on mutual respect and acknowledgment are modeled and encouraged.

Campers are grouped (by age) in "packs" of 8-12 children. Each pack is guided by at least three of our skilled instructors who facilitate exploration and discovery on beautiful and magical forested land. Learn more on our Summer Camp FAQ page.

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