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Kestrel Camp

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Need Financial Aid? Click here.

Our financial aid philosophy is take what you need and give what you can. We recognize that there are economic hardships, and we want to be accessible to all, so we ask that you pay whatever it is that you can.

The more you can pay, the more children we are able to extend aid to. Before you request financial aid we ask families to consider if there are family members or friends who might help provide a scholarship to your family for this program.

How To Request Financial Aid

  1. Register online to reserve your space.
  2. Check the financial aid box on your registration form and let us know how much of the total program fee you can afford.
  3. If you are unable to pay a $150 deposit with your registration use the coupon code: NOCREDITCARD and contact our office to arrange deposit payment.
  4. After your registration is submitted, our office will contact you to continue the financial aid process. If we are unable to fulfill your aid request we will refund your deposit(s) in full.


Youth ages 7-10.

Three 2-Week Sessions:

Register for one 2-week session per child. This year we are limiting the amount of sessions individuals can enroll because of COVID restrictions. We want to make sure the experience is available to as many children as possible. Space is limited.

    • SESSION 1: June 28 – July 9, 2021
    • SESSION 2: July 12 – July 23, 2021
    • SESSION 3: August 2 – 13, 2021


Staggered drop-off 9:00am-9:30am, pick-up 3:00-3:30pm Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri


$720 per two-week session. $150 non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit per child per session is required with registration. Sibling discounts apply. Limited scholarships available depending on enrollment and need.


175 Rock Haven Road, Kerhonkson

Additional Questions?

Drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions.
(845) 256-9830

Kestrel Camp

At Kestrel Camp our day begins by giving thanks together amongst the forest and the sky. After a few songs and silly movement games bring us further into our bodies, we split into smaller groups (packs) venturing further into the forests, streams and rocks.

The days are filled with nature-based games that expand our awareness, storytelling from skilled instructors and visiting elders, songs inspired by nature’s beauty, stream wanders that cool us down, exploring the forest and the Shawangunk Ridge, sculpting clay from the stream banks, looking for mysteries amongst logs and rocks, building forts and shelters in the leaves, wandering the caves and boulders.

At the end of the day, with cattail fluff in our pockets, our faces painted with mud (and charcoal) and smiles on our faces, we return to a large village-like circle where we share stories from our day.

Kestrel is where your child will:

  • Play and explore the beautiful outdoors.
  • Experience and practice a variety of wilderness skills and native technology.
  • Practice awareness, quiet-mind, animal forms, curiosity, exploration, telling the story of the day, and gratitude.
  • Face personal and group challenges tailored to build awareness, self-confidence, and group unity.

Kestrel Camp Testimonials

“We have to buy a house in the area so my kids can continue to go to this camp through their teen years!”

“We appreciate how Wild Earth teaches our child how to be a mindful observer and participant in the natural world. We are always struck by the genuineness, knowledge and enthusiasm the counselors have for all things Wild Earth.”

“My children were in love with their experiences at camp; my son is very reticent to engage with groups of people and he told us that he wants to go to Wild Earth “for the rest of my life!” I am so happy for them and look forward to future engagements with Wild Earth.”

“I believe that our child has had more fun in the woods of the Hudson Valley then anywhere else we have been. There is no camp like Wild Earth in our state.”

“I think this program has transformed my son. He has enjoyed no other camp program like he’s enjoyed this one. We have already signed him up for autumn and are committed to his returning next summer.”

“I like that my daughter is outside all day and in the morning must think about packing appropriate clothes for her adventures. I like that she is given independence at camp to explore. She comes home tired, but is always happy to get up the next morning and go.”

“We love the beautiful wilderness and kind spirits of the counselors towards the children.”

“Particularly impressive are the counselors and the calm, kind way things happen.”

“The counselors are amazing–whatever you’re doing to select and train them is working. They are the heart of the program.”

“The staff is exceptional and we loved the location and feel of the land in Accord. I liked seeing our son transition seamlessly from Screech Owl to Kestrel. He immediately felt very much at home with the new program. His counselor really took great care of the kids and was very accessible.”

“The staff is terrific. I like the idea that the kids have room to roam in the woods and that the counselors are there to facilitate when the kids want to explore. I appreciate that there is a structure to the program, yet plenty of room for the kids and counselors to be creative.”

“I really appreciated the singing, the guitars, the authentic and accepting vibe, the beauty of the creek in the sunshine, the way Wild Earth is undaunted by rain, and that my son felt free to be himself. I really appreciated the communication; I got calls from counselors on the day my son had a tick and the day he got a big scratch. I believe the counselor to camper ratio is spectacular! My kid got a lot of attention and I never felt as if he might be falling through the cracks or blending into the background.”

“My daughter had a great time and continued to develop skills outside and I think became more confident.”

“I especially liked our child’s heightened awareness of the plants, animals, and elements around us. Now we have new games to play at home! And the twice daily tick checks and tick awareness emails were truly appreciated.”

“The girls liked it a lot and were totally connected to earth. They loved learning firsthand how to make fire from a bow stick and tinder.”

“My kid is always exhausted, smelly, and full of stories after a day at Kestrel. We’ve been thrilled with how her connection with nature has grown over the years with help from Wild Earth.”

“My daughter is excited for camp every day. Camp mirrors a kind of eating and preparing for the day that she is usually too lazy to do on her own but is willing to do with other kids who eat less processed and protein rich food; I feel supported as a parent to be in a system that supports my values and helps my daughter rise to that occasion.”

Register now and reserve your space in Kestrel Camp today. Space is limited.

— More About Wild Earth Summer Camp —

At Wild Earth our goal is to build skills for connection, awareness, and self-confidence. We work hard to ensure that our camps are welcoming, exciting, and nurturing. Since 2004, our all-outdoor camps have provided nature immersion and adventures for children of all ages.

Using multigenerational mentoring, our experienced and inspiring adult and teen instructors guide the children in engaging earth-based activities, awareness games, experiential knowledge of plants and animals, natural craft, and story and song.

Gratitude and reverence for the earth, as well as fostering a vision of community based on mutual respect and acknowledgment are modeled and encouraged.

Campers are grouped (by age) in "packs" of 8-12 children. Each pack is guided by at least three of our skilled instructors who facilitate exploration and discovery on beautiful and magical forested land. Learn more on our Summer Camp FAQ page.

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