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Ropes: 4-Day Canoe Adventure for High School Teens

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For High School Students

Grades 9-12 (Incoming Freshman are welcome)


August 17 – 20, 2020



Starting Location:

Wild Earth Office – 2307 Lucas Turnpike, High Falls, NY 12440

Ending Location:

Wild Earth Office – 2307 Lucas Turnpike, High Falls, NY 12440

Additional Questions?

Drop us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions.
(845) 256-9830

Ropes: 4-Day Canoe Adventure for High School Teens

Ready for adventure?

Join a crew of intrepid High School students and Wild Earth’s stellar instructors for a 3-night, 4-day canoeing/hiking trek through the Adirondacks.

When I think of an experience that opened my eyes to the enormity of the outdoors, and also provided me with access to some of nature’s most remote splendor, I think of canoe camping deep in the remote St Regis Canoe Wilderness in the Adirondacks.

Paddling from one pond to another, carrying everything needed for camp, trail, and my time on the water. These trips are challenging, yet so deeply rewarding. Carrying your vessel, your shelter, food, tools and clothing, to the next lake. Then propelling your canoe through the only designated canoe wilderness in New York. The St Regis Canoe Wilderness will challenge your body, and the way you think about your relationship with nature. When you look upon, and travel through these great expanses of untrammeled forest, and pristine waters you will feel a sense of timeless wonder, and when you see the night sky you will be transported to another world altogether. Make sure you look for weather proof hunting backpack sales before the trip as they are very convenient for outdoor expeditions. 

20 combined miles: Canoeing & Portaging (carrying your canoe and supplies between bodies of water)

Our route will take us through 10 lakes and ponds, with around 7 miles of hiking or portage, and a little over 13 miles of paddling. This journey is just a taste of what canoe camping can be. Many canoe campers will spend 3 weeks or more on long routes. Like ripples on the water this journey will awaken a whole new world of possibilities.

The trip will be lead by Will Soter. Will is a NYS DEC Licensed Guide, and has been guiding full time for 8 years. He is trained as a Wilderness First Responder and has worked in a variety of roles to help people of all ages feel comfortable, and confident exploring the world outdoors. Most of all, Will enjoys sharing his vast knowledge of the natural world, and passion for adventure.

Those who participate in this journey will learn what it takes to cover large distances, with nothing but a well-formed plan and what they can carry on their back (and in their canoe.) We look forward to sharing this journey with you and are excited to create lasting, memories with you, as you learn the skills that will prepare you for a life full of adventures.

Register now and reserve your space in Ropes: 4-Day Canoe Adventure for High School Teens today. Space is limited.

— More About Wild Earth Summer Camp —

At Wild Earth our goal is to build skills for connection, awareness, and self-confidence. We work hard to ensure that our camps are welcoming, exciting, and nurturing. Since 2004, our all-outdoor camps have provided nature immersion and adventures for children of all ages.

Using multigenerational mentoring, our experienced and inspiring adult and teen instructors guide the children in engaging earth-based activities, awareness games, experiential knowledge of plants and animals, natural craft, and story and song.

Gratitude and reverence for the earth, as well as fostering a vision of community based on mutual respect and acknowledgment are modeled and encouraged.

Campers are grouped (by age) in "packs" of 8-12 children. Each pack is guided by at least three of our skilled instructors who facilitate exploration and discovery on beautiful and magical forested land. Learn more on our Summer Camp FAQ page.

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