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Gourmet Cooking Over Snow & Fire with Wild Earth’s Apprentices

Published March 7th, 2019

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This past weekend Wild Earth’s Apprentices were out in the snow exploring the joys of campfire cooking!

Our staff was onsite extra early, lighting a fire at 7:30am to ensure a solid bed of coals for the day’s cooking experiments. It was well worth it!

Using a spunhungin the team cooked a stringed chicken-breast gyro (skewered on a white pine sapling), we also cooked picadas corn tortillas on hot bluestone and granite stones while beans cooked over the fire on another spunhungin.

Lunch was topped off with fresh maple sap hemlock tip tea, eggs cooked inside of orange peels, and freshly cooked maple cream!

Check out the photos.

Michaela HimelfarbMichaela HimelfarbMichaela Himelfarb, Program Team Leader

Michaela Himelfarb grew up on the beautiful and rocky north shore of Long Island. There, she spent much of her time working at her family’s second generation landscaping and gardening business, where her love for the natural world emerged. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Ed, Michaela was driven instead to put her education to use in nature’s classroom, working many years as an outdoor educator and gardening instructor. Then she heard a call she could not refuse: she attended the Wilderness Awareness School’s two year nature connection mentoring program in Duvall, Washington, and left with teachings and stories she will carry in her heart forever. While in WA she also had the privilege of guiding trips with youth and teens at Rite of Passage Journeys. After returning east in 2013, Michaela has recently moved from Long Island to West Shokan with her husband Eric, where they help care take the beautiful property they call home. During her free time you may find her practicing her grandfather’s fiddle, visiting her sit spot, or diving into whatever craft seems irresistible in that moment. More about Michaela's work.

1 thought on “Gourmet Cooking Over Snow & Fire with Wild Earth’s Apprentices”

  1. Love this program…when will you offer it again? There is a lot of snow still at Hunter Mt. area. I was wondering if you still have snow?
    I am an elder and teach Reiki for personal and planetary healing along with meditations techniques. Please contact me if you are interested in my skill set.
    I am 76 yo. have a college degree in Liberal Arts from CNR as well as two year training in Substance Abuse, Hospice training & suicide prevention.

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